Thursday, March 27, 2008

Negative Campaign Slogans that Will Not Work

The U.S. election process just keeps heating up. There's been a great deal of negative campaigning, particularly between Democratic contenders Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. In fact, there's so much that these two negatives are becoming a positive for Republican John McCain. One of Clinton's supporters said that Obama is only in the position he is because he's black, while an Obama supporter called Clinton a monster. Clinton's campaign seems particularly strong on the negative PR - she continues to get more mileage out of the Rev. Wright controversy.

Race, gender, and even age are all sensitive topics and polls are done every other day on these areas. Campaigns use negative campaigning because it can take down the support of the intended target. But how far will the negative campaigning go? It can work, but there is a limit. Here are some slogans that the various campaigns have been considering.

Clinton or Obama on McCain:

To really cripple the country, vote McCane.

McCain, a heart attack waiting to happen.

McCain vows to invade Sweden over their secret weapons of mass destruction.

At least the interns will be safe - probably.

Clinton or McCain on Obama:

Do you really want the pimps and drug addicts as the new White House staff?

Obama has said he will make a Rap music program mandatory in U.S. schools.

If Obama gets elected he will make all school children wear bling.

Obama will name Snoop Doggy Dogg as his new Secretary of Pumping up the Jam.

A President Obama will refer to his Vice President as his main dog.

Obama or McCain slogans on Hillary:

Sure, we'll save money on salary for a woman President, but America needs more than new wallpaper in the White House.

Women are responsible for most car accidents. Do you want a woman President's finger next to the nuclear button?

A roast and apron for every woman.

Hillary would only be a puppet for Bill anyway.

Ok, we gave you the right to vote, but let's not get carried away here.

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