Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Doubts about Obama, Hillary's Four day Roll Gives her Momentum

In Ohio Clinton exceeded poll expectations. She has ended up with a convincing 10% win margin in Ohio, over the preceding 5% poll gap. Going in to the contest yesterday, he had an edge in Texas, but she came out on top with 51 to 48% there. The NAFTA doubts seemed to have impact particularly in Ohio. He and his campaign were clumsy handling the goofed affair, and was caught unprepared Monday when Clinton released the last ad suggesting his honesty on the NAFTA issue was insincere.

The red phone ad by itself might not have had the desired effect on last night's outcome. However, since Saturday she has been on a roll, appearing on Saturday Night Live, which projected a more playful Hillary, as did her Monday appearance on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Her three wins last night are significant. Now she has to maintain a renewed momentum. He will now be tested to see if he really has the right stuff. He will have to offer voters more forward thinking reasons to vote for him, quickly and clearly fend off attacks on him.

Obama has a delegate lead (1451 to 1365) but it's a delicate delegate lead right now.

Next stop, Wyoming, Saturday, March 8.

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