Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Pass the Bottle, "What Was That?"

A tsunami of blue - If you were a Liberal MHA tonight, you'd be looking for some of that free booze to drown your sorrows. The Liberals have managed to get 3 seats, barely enough for official party status. It looks like there will be a judicial vote recount in the Gerry Reid riding of The Isles of Notre Dame, as there is a 7 vote difference between Gerry Reid (2364), and Derrick Dalley (2371). In the Port De Grave district, Liberal Roland Butler barely held on to make it a Liberal caucus of three. Everyone knew there would be a huge majority, but this is colossal -
PC: 43     Liberal: 3     NDP: 1.

In terms of popular vote, it was 70% for the PCs, 21% for the Liberals, and the NDP were just over 8%. The NDP, despite just maintaining their seat, actually increased their popular vote by several percentage points. Though it was disappointing for NDP supporters in Labrador and Burin-Placentia West, where the NDPs hopes were particularly high, their candidates performed strongly. On the Burin Peninsula, the NDP was always a distant 3rd place, but they were a respectable second this time around. Lorraine Michael's performance throughout the campaign and during the debate had been impressive. Her intelligence and smooth articulate delivery has boosted the NDP's overall profile.

There were some seesaw ridings, but most ridings had huge gaps of margins. Labrador was a surprise, electing 3 out of 4 PCs.

Well, people have spoken, Danny Williams and the PC party have trounced the opposition into near obliteration. With a majority like this, thank God that the auditor general has analyzed the spending scandal already, and new spending rules have been put into place, because if corruption could happen, it would more likely happen when there is next to no opposition.

In his victory speech, Danny Williams put "Steve" and oil companies on alert - as one commenter suggested for a PC campaign slogan, "Danny Williams, Afraid of Nothing".

Congratulations to all the candidates in all parties, for having the courage to run for public office. Congratulations to Danny Williams, and as a Newfoundlander, best wishes as Premier of our province.

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NPC said...

A PC Danasty will rule Newfoundldand.