Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Stuffed PCs

Liberal: Whoa PC, what happened to you?

PC: Oh you know, too much on my plate, can't seem to finish it all.

Liberal: You need to make your file management system more efficient.

PC: Well as soon as federal funding comes through for the Trans Labrador Highway, and we get the provincial energy plan in place, and talks back on track over Hebron, and a few other things like the Lower Churchill development, then I will defragment my system, free up some hard drive space, and increase my speed.

Liberal: PC I think your memory is failing, there has already been around $1 billion in federal money for the TLH since the 1970s.

PC: No Liberal, that's just an urban legend, just like you will be in the fall election. Actually, when you think about it, I am bloated by popular support, haha. Stick to your graphics and games Mack.

Liberal: Actually, you're more graphics than people think.
PC: ...
Liberal: ...

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