Tuesday, July 03, 2007

If a Dirty Bomb Went Off in Toronto, How Would They Tell?

With news of the economic, medical and panic fallout of a dirty bomb exploding near the CN Tower, I couldn't resist a similiar headline, to the quote of writer Dorothy Parker on President Calvin Coolidge's death. Upon learning that he died, she said, "How can they tell?"

But I don't want to be too hard on The Big Smoke, it still has much to offer, culture, entertainment, wide variety of products/services, people, and leading medical research and world class hospitals. The $23-billion economic fallout of a dirty bomb is something to be very concerned about, and is justified to have a national preparedness plan in place to deal with massive contamination, medical, social and economic fallout. A federal study says that Canada and other nations lack the technology to decontaminate a large, densely populated area. Canada may very well be a more quiet target of fanatic extremists. Given Canada's involvement in Afghanistan, anywhere in the country could be seen as an example to show that anyone or anywhere is a possible ground-zero.

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