Friday, March 09, 2007

NL vs Ontario in Tonights Curling Semi-Final

It's on at 9:00 p.m. NF time, 8:30 Labrador, 7:30 Eastern. The game will be live on TSN. Ontario is currently 10-1, while NL is tied at 8-3 with AB & MB. The final is on Sunday and will be particularly interesting if Gushue's team makes it. This is the third year that there is a cash prize. The winning team gets $40,000. Some, if not all, curlers support advertising sponsor logos on their jerseys. It would seem to make cents for all (pun intended) - great lengthy sponsor or advertiser exposure, and likely to be more sponsor money for curlers. Now that could be a good bilateral agreement.

* Update: Team Newfoundland and Labrador wins 7-6 over team Ontario. They qualify for the final on Sunday.

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