Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Have-Not Province Big Givers: StatsCan

This is not new information, it's been heard for a number of years now, that Atlantic Canadians were the most generous.

(excerpt from June 2006 CBC item) Statistics Canada says Prince Edward Islanders and Newfoundlanders are more likely to give to charity than other Canadians.

In those two provinces 93 per cent of people gave to charity. That compares to only 79 per cent in Alberta, and 77 per cent in British Columbia. Nationally, the rate was 85 per cent.
Clair Smith, executive director of the United Way on P.E.I., said he's not surprised to hear that Islanders are so generous.
"Probably the main reason is the better appreciation of the concerns by way of the closeness of the community," said Smith.
"It's a community of friends that live together, I guess, and we know each other and we're aware of the concerns and the issues that are facing each and every person."

While not as many westerners per capita give money, those that do tend to give more than their eastern counterparts.
The average donation by an Albertan was $500. The average donation by someone living in Atlantic Canada was about $400. Quebecers gave the smallest amount, on average about $176 annually. (source: CBC)

However, when you take into account the average earnings between provinces, NL was better than Alberta. The $400 is still high when you consider that the average income from Newfoundland and Labrador and PEI is the lowest in the country, $24,165 and $22,303 respectively. Ontario and Alberta had the highest average income at $35,185 and $32,603 respectively. (source: StatsCan 2001)

NL gave 1.65% of their income as compared to 1.53% of Albertans.

Also see The Canadian Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating with 2004 information

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