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Beautiful Places to Visit in Newfoundland & Labrador

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There are so many places all around the province that are interesting to visit just because of their natural beauty alone. In this blog you will find some places that don't get alot of exposure, and that's too bad, for tourists, and for ourselves. To see a beautiful place that we didn't know existed is an education, and it also gives one a sense of pride by knowing it's part of our province. Growing up in a small community I hiked to every hilltop just to see the beauty of the community valley, the river which ran through out to the harbour, and the spectacular view of the offshore islands sitting in Placentia Bay. see Rushoon below
The community of Rushoon, Burin Peninsula
Francois (South coast of Newfoundland)
We live in a hiker's paradise because there are so many accessible communities and towns that because of the reason for their existance in the first place, the fishery, are located next to harbours, inlets and bays, and hence had roads constructed to get there. Many places are hilly, and hiking to these hilltops is not only a good exercise but an excellent opportunity for some frameable photos.
Korok-Palmer River Valley

The Korok-Palmer River Valley is an excellent hiking and canoeing destination in Labrador.
Check out this site for pictures of Labrador Odyssey 2001 which shows pictures of the Palmer River.

Much of Labrador's coastline is dotted with many small islands, and with rugged shoreline. There are sandy beaches too, but Porcupine Strand may be the longest. More than 40 km long, this "Wonderstrand" is an oasis of resort type sandy beach. What a treasure to admire and preserve.
Porcupine Strand
Labrador, North Coast

List of Coastal Labrador places and galleries
North West River

List of Coastal Labrador places and galleries
North West River beach festival
South Coast of Newfoundland
This park is located near Burgeo on the south coast. It has 7 km of sandy beach (Read more about this park at the Word Play) site.Sandbanks Provincial Park
The drive out to the Port au Port Peninsula is scenic all the way, especially from Stephenville driving next to the ocean to the jewel of Cape St. George.
Cape St. George
Little Bay Islands (adjacent to the foot of the Northern Peninsula)
This looks like the perfect harbour, protected by small islands at the entrance to act as breakwaters. Very picturesque.
Seal Cove
Bishop's Falls
West Coast of Newfoundland
This is probably the windiest place in Newfoundland, but the scenery looks anything but wrecked.
Trout River

Located near the tip of the northern peninsula, Trout River begs to be visited, hiked, and photographed.

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