Monday, February 26, 2007

Preventative Medicine & Health Savings

“Honesty is for the most part less profitable than dishonesty.” ~ Plato

If preventing health problems were promoted much more, then our health care system would save money, and people could be healthier. The investment of advertisements to show people how to prevent problems could save tens of millions in the long run for our province. Peoples' habits are alot to blame for many medical problems. Of course no matter how much some people take care of themselves, they will still get diseases and problems. People are also free to decide and choose how they want to live their lives. Because we have freedom and a free market economy, popular culture and society is also composed of contradictory forces which send mixed messages to us. For example, let's take fast food. Everywhere you go, on any media out there, and around the clock, we are bombarded with ads that associate feeling good with many foods that are ticking time bombs. Foods full of harmful ingredients like saturated and trans fats are offered then gobbled up by consumers. In every commercial, the tactic is to send the message that you will be feeling good, or the product will somehow bring you happiness. These food products may taste good for the time being, but they act like sludge on drain pipes and eventually need to be "snaked" or give the balloon treatment (angioplasty).

I think we've only seen the tip of the iceberg in terms of what harmful things are in our typical every foods. Nitrates, and other preservatives, are they really linked to cancer? Possibly. What about the kind of feeds for cattle? What we don't know won't hurt business. In the meantime get preventative check ups like prostate digitals for men, breast exams for women, etc., and learn as much as you can about foods, what's really in them, and what are the effects of accumulating additives. I will guess that like the cover up of nicotine by Phillip Morris, and the whole food industry secret of the danger of trans fats, there are many other juicy bites of food hazard information that is not being disclosed because corporate money silences scientists.

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed" ~ Mahatma Ghandi

  • The Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care (CTFPHC)
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