Thursday, November 04, 2010

The predictable technical future and reactions to it

Well into the information and gadgetry age, tens of millions in the world are regularly Google-y eyed at the amazing, surprising, magical, and "brilliant" new, never before seen marvels of progressive real programming wizardry. If I were a marketing rep for a company I would love to learn the trends of how and what makes people buy things, get excited about them, and be tempted to figure out the formula and keep it going consistently. No doubt analysts have been figuring this out, and are sticking with the formulas that work. Let's take camera software for example. There's an abundance of programs now that enhance your photos, even to make them "artistic" looking. However, there are graphical nuances that are hard to perfect, or at least that is, until a new version of some software program arrives at the stores, then that particular quirk is fixed.

Stretching out the ultimate technical secrets to appear as new and revolutionary is part of a formula that keeps people looking to the next evolutionary phase of advancement to tweak an artistic output. It seems some programs can do much, to for example, convert a single photo shot into an enhanced, alive, epiphanous capture. However, it seems that not every program can do everything, so other programs are called in to fill the artistic voids, and even these have their limitations. There are so many elements to photo editing that one may be awaiting the latest to fix the current imperfection, and the others, and so it goes.

Our need to achieve "perfection" is both a compelling force that drives us to fill the voids repressing perfection, and part of a selling formula that is released ever so gingerly and timely to maximize corporate profits... Well, don't be too surprised at how well a software company has fixed a photo contrast or ghosting issue.. it may have been figured out many months ago, and simply held back in the last release version, because that would hinder the selling of the "new and improved" version.

Ahh, what a tried and tested phrase.. new and improved.. that formula has been gold. Who doesn't want new and improved! In the meantime, just be creative yourself... there is no one but you, and your thought processes and interpretations... and that is what is really unique, and potentially new.. Software graphical enhancements are technical, mathematical tweaks that are somewhere in the ballpark to make an image look interesting, and are part of a marketing timing to maximize company profits, based on what many consumers await to be their creative output... just a thought on current marketing.

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