Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rescued miners get a Chile reception

So not all news stories are doom and gloom. Out of the depths of the heart of darkness are 33 alive miners from a collapsed cavern 2000 feet below the sod. Looking like a NASA mini spacecraft, a narrow capsule/cage was lowered to the potential final grave site, and right now, is still in the process of bringing up more thankful survivors. The 28 inch wide rescue hole itself must have created a hyper-claustrophobic experience as there was no room for arm movement, just totally at the mercy of technology and rock stability.

Since August when it became known, after 17 days of hopelessness, there was a clanging sound from below, the world has watched the "real" movie, episode by episode. The future movies outcome is now being watched and written. Of course, the atmosphere at the rescue site is jubilant, and there are positive comments, thankfulness, and good feelings all around. While it is highlighting human potential as thoughtful, loving, driven to help, being creative with an engineering challenge, and multi-partner cooperation, it will again, sadly, and later, highlight the working conditions that miners face.

There is constantly a high risk, it's dirty, an inherent prison cell, and physically demanding. These guys are exceptionally lucky to survive a mine collapse. 1000s simply are never rescued, and it's a another reminder for mining companies to build in more safety, and escape options for the workers who risk their lives to makes the companies grow.

For now, people around the world should feel more hopeful about the good will in humans, and the successful efforts that coming together can produce. In addition, not like we need another reminder, but it just makes it more pronounced, how simply being alive, is a prize in itself. As the main characters in the future books, interviews, movie(s), and endorsements they will be in demand for some time, after their re-entry to normal life. From being in a deep dark pit, their futures really never looked brighter.


ViewPoint2010 said...

Charlie, what a powerful story of human spirit conquering impossible odds. I can only begin to imagine what those men must have felt in their darkest moments after the cave-in and the elation they felt when that first drill-bit punched through. With nine of the miners now rescued, we can only hope and pray that the remaining 24 will be brought safely to the surface.

Charlie said...

Yes, it is indeed a powerful story VP. It usually is a hopeless future when trapped after a mine collapse, and their hope must have been fading especially after 17 days. But it's looking good to get the remainder safely to ground at this point. Alot to celebrate not just for Chileans, but it is a good news story for the anyone in the world.