Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Drive to the Isles - on the way to Twillingate

Just a couple of great looking towns on the Drive to the Isles. It was my first time driving there, and so well worth the day trip. Actually, the scenery and communities were so interesting and beautiful, that I would really want to spend a month on this little peninsula alone. One would need it to just explore and climb some hills for shots of the towns, land and seascapes, the geography, vegetation and community attractions. That's not even mentioning tourist attractions like whale and iceberg watching, and strolling the streets of historic Twillingate.

On this trip there, where normally it would take maybe 1.5 hours from Gander, it took over four hours, simply because of photo stops along the way. New never-before visited places can often cause that, especially on a rather bright day, which enhances the view of what nature has to offer.

There are many communities along this route, and to really get a full appreciation of each one would require much more time, or many return trips to the area. Below are a few places and scenes along the route.

From Gander to Twillingate is about 115 km.

There are many views like this along the way.

This is a more detailed map of the "Road to the Isles".

The community of Fairbanks

A view near Cottleview causeway

Beautiful Boyd's Cove

Twillingate seems to be rather "touristy" with lots to see and do, including museums, crafts shops, diners, and boat tours. I did not have enough time to fully explore the streets but will next visit. The view from some restaurants is fantastic.

Here is a view from one restaurant along Twillingate's busy streets.

The town of Twillingate

Reflecting on the days trip at Fairbanks again.


Anonymous said...

Real nice pictures, bud!

Charlie said...

Thank you mon ami!