Wednesday, March 03, 2010

U.S. Report says Most fish oils are fine, some have high levels of PCB

The National Post, CNN and probably others have posted an item about high levels of PCBs in some fish oils. If you are wondering which brands, well you won't find them at the National Post, so this blog has found the list right here. This is a U.S. report by The Environmental Defense Fund, and may not necessarily include any brands on Canadian shelves. A couple of brands that I have used for example, Jamieson, and Swiss Natural Sources fish oils, are not listed there, but it leaves a bit of wondering about their purity as well.

Four out of 75 companies listed in this report were considered the "worst" choice, while 23 of them did not submit complete data. The remaining 48 in this report were called "good choice" - Their responses indicate that the majority are purifying their fish oils to meet stringent safety standards.

Around these parts one gets skeptical of some environmental groups who have common interests as former anti-seal industry advocates, like Canada's Environmental Defence director Rick Smith. The fact that there are certain levels of toxins in basically everything we eat or drink is not new, but it is still helpful at any time to be warned of potential contaminants in any product. While nutrition manufacturers advertise to sell products that are in your best interest, it's profits that are their ultimate goal, and often, what consumers don't know, yet, about products, won't hurt profits.


Anonymous said...

I wonder which companies have the "Environmental Defense Fund" in their back pockets...

Charlie Cheeseman said...

Whoever makes the best offer maybe.