Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thankfulness for where we live

Happy thanksgiving folks. If you ever feel that there's little to be thankful for, then start with just the fact that you are alive, and while alive, with good enough health that is, you can enjoy life or make it better for yourself and others. Then, for further reasons, just flick on the news and be thankful that you do not live in war torn place, anti-democratic, violent places with little or no freedoms, places with inhumane brutality, corruption, hate and insane views on life. Though we live in a harsh climate in winter, we are spared tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, devastating floods and many other life-taking weather extremes. Though we are far from a perfect place, we do live in a relatively civilized place with many comforts. Enjoy what you have and best wishes to you.


Anonymous said...

so beautifully written. I am so thank-ful not to have to live in those 3rd world countries either. We all do have our " slump " times where we live, but counting the blessing we do have are plentiful.

Thank you fo such warm reminders on this Thanks-Giving Day..

In my blessings you are there.

cc said...

Many tnx! I forgot to mention being thankful for friends like ms. inky:)