Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Transmission Trouble

People describe the drive through world heritage Gros Morne National Park as out of this world. However, if NALCOR's plan to run heavy power lines through the park gets the go light you might look up to see other unheavenly sights. Viewer feedback on Here & Now indicated that people want to see a reverse on this otherwise standard transmission plan, automatically.


nadinebc said...

Not going to happen...I don't think people home will let it.

Charles Cheeseman said...

I think most people would be against it, they just need to let it be known before this idea gets too far.

Table Mountains said...

hopefully it won't.we make a little exodus to that area several times a year to see the beauty. even now we try and get a few shots making sure there's nothing in the view only the wildlife or natural beauty. i shudder when i think of those towers. i know we have to have it but we must detour that area somehow.