Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First Black President Effect

There is an authentic sincerity in the reaction of black Americans, that this presidential change of guard really is something to celebrate. Obama's rise to the top was relatively quick, for just in 2007, he was a just another black hope, for a while. Some are still pinching themselves to make sure this is real. This is really a win for everyone in the U.S. and for anyone anywhere with dreams that prejudice and inequality can be overcome. It is truly heartwarming to see African-Americans jubilant, ecstatic and celebrating with their hearts into it.

How many people have cried tears of happiness. Entertainer, Usher, who reported from one of the many galas, told Larry King, that he could not be happier. Kids interviewed in schools now had a new hero, a political leader. The very installment of Obama as United States President is itself a gigantic example of what anyone could do with hard work and determination.

It may even change popular culture. Music and lyrics may not so much criticize the system or the "man" as being part of a problem. Some comedians may have to find a new angle to poke fun at politicians, at least till Obama's honeymoon period is over. But blacks are going crazy with happiness at the first black president, and that is about time to see. It is amazing to witness millions so positively affected, motivated, encouraged and hopeful about as Usher put it, a "further abolishment of inequality". That's something for anyone anywhere to celebrate because it means our society has evolved in its thinking, attitude and perception. It does not end all racism but the prospects for decreasing it just got a resounding boost, and not just at the U.S. ballot box, but by peoples' happy endorsement of it around the world.

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