Sunday, August 05, 2007

Rivers and Fuming Subside

There were two silly reports following the recent floodings in Dunville and area, and Conception Bay. The first was reporting that Harper's visit to the naturally imposed, unsought, and spontaneous road river damage, was a surprise. Judging by news video it was pretty significant damage,
and worthy as any disaster zone visit by a PM to view firsthand. He wasn't obligated to come but did. No surprise at all, and no big deal. Second, CTV reported that Danny Williams was fuming because Harper did not let him know he was coming. Again, by the interglobalmental temperature this year, which is see your breath cool, it's no surprise that Stephen Harper did not ring up Danny to say , "hey buds, see you at Dunville at 10, and we'll throw on some moose sausages on the grill after." Yet again, no big deal anyway. It was not surprising he did not contact the Premier, and in a way, it's not surprising Danny said he's disappointed. However, "fuming" may or may not have been an appropriate term to use. What does matter is for repairs to be made to road work, sewer lines, drain systems, and an organized arrangement to help people where insurance does not cover natural disaster damage. The childish political flying words should be water under the bridge.

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