Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Letter to HNL on TLH

In my previous post below I outlined why it is important that the Trans Labrador Highway completion be sped up. I have sent a letter to Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador president, Nick McGrath, to urge them to encourage government(s) to give more priority to this crucial infrastructure. I've posted the letter here for anyone to read or copy if interested to send a message to HNL, Dept. of Tourism, your MHA or MP.

Dear Mr. McGrath,

The completion of the Trans Labrador Highway is a priority for the province, and it is for this reason that I write to you to urge that HNL advocate for a more expeditious finish to this momentous project. The sooner the TLH construction is completed, the better for all travelers, Labrador residents, and tourists. It would benefit residents' health needs by cutting travel time. It could also improve peoples' health because fresher produce will become more available. A paved TLH will help bring Labrador on par with Newfoundland.

A full hard top road system will open up more opportunities for economic development. For those with an entrepreneurial inclination an inviting paved TLH must be great news, and help in the business development mindset. For example, there could possibly be more service stations, convenience stores, restaurants, camp grounds, parks, hiking outposts, canoeing/kayaking businesses, fishing or hunting trips, outback expedition businesses, snowmobile rentals, flight rentals, skiing or golf resorts, cabin development, forestry and mining industries, and others. The easier it is to get to places like this, the more likely people will come, the more likely more people than at present will come, and perhaps more likely people will come more often.

It is frustrating to have to travel long distances on gravel roads, and to experience car problems like damaged windshields and tires. If tourists did not have to experience such problems, they would probably be happier campers, which leads me to the tourism aspect of the TLH.

There are beautiful places in the province that are never seen by most of the public because they were not advertised or publicized. There are many scenic places like Porcupine Strand, a 40 km stretch on Labrador's coast. With a fully completed TLH, organizations like HNL will be able to promote places in such a way as,
"Just a one hour drive from Goose Bay, Glacial valleys at Grand River and Grand Lake can be seen along the Trans Labrador Highway", instead of "A three or four hour drive from ..."

It would be much more enticing for people to want to see Labrador when there is a smooth, paved, and speedier road infrastructure.

Thank you for your time. I know many others feel the same about the importance of picking up the pace on completing the TLH. I hope the HNL does too and takes action to voice this message to government officials and those in positions of influence to really impact a swifter completion time.



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